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    Thousands of bottles of liquor were successfully secured by the police at Perum Pesona Pangrango

    Jumat, November 27, 2020, 08:45 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-27T01:45:49Z
    Thousands of bottles of liquor were successfully secured by the police at Perum Pesona Pangrango

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Thousands of bottles of liquor in various types which were transported using box cars, were successfully secured by the Sukabumi City Police Drug Research Unit, at Pesona Pangrango Housing, Block A8, Parungseah Village, Sukabumi District, Sukabumi Regency, on Thursday (26/11/20).

    The raid was carried out based on information from the public about the existence of a Mitsubishi L300 type box car numbered D 8918 FD was loading and unloading boxes suspected of containing liquor.

    "After checking by our ranks at the TKP, it turned out that it was true that several people were loading and unloading alcoholic drinks," said Kapolres Sukabumi Kota AKBP Sumarni to reporters, on Thursday (26/11/20).

    Apart from evidence of alcohol, the police also managed to secure the driver with the initials N (33) and the driver with the initials D.I (24). The owner of the alcohol with the initials J was also secured by the officers. J is known to residents of Jalan Pelabuhan II, RT 01 RW 02, Tipar Village, Warudoyong District, Sukabumi City.

    "During the raid, we found two people, namely the driver and the kernet. Their admission is that the alcohol was ordered by the perpetrator with the initials J who is a resident of Port II, " She said.

    Sumarni continued, based on information from the suspects, the thousands of alcoholic drinks that were planned to be circulated in Sukabumi City came from a company engaged in the distribution of liquor from Bandung, West Java.

    "Based on the recognition of the suspects, they are employees of PT. Adi Makmur Sentosa is located at Jalan Soekarno Hatta number 531 Bandung, West Java. The company is known to be engaged in the production of alcoholic drinks, " She added.

    Based on the results of the data collection, the number of liquor that was secured during the raid was 1,304 bottles of various types.

    "The confiscated liquor is divided into several types of liquor bottles, such as Digest, Gold Red Wine, Black Sticky Wine, White Wine, Parent Cap Arak, Singaraja Beer, Frost Beer, Beer Soju, Ice Land," She explained.

    From the raid process, three people were arrested and secured by the police.

    "The three people are kenek drivers and owners, and we apply article 1 paragraph 5 junto article 5 paragraph 1 Perda Sukabumi Regency number 7 of 2015 concerning the prohibition of alcoholic drinks in Sukabumi Regency with a maximum threat of imprisonment of 5 months or a maximum fine of Rp. . 40 million, "She concluded. (Hms)