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    Fahira Idris: It is Time for Indonesia to Have Firm Rules Regarding Alcoholic Drinks

    Jumat, November 27, 2020, 05:55 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-26T22:55:56Z
    Fahira Idris: It is Time for Indonesia to Have Firm Rules Regarding Alcoholic Drinks

    UMMAT DAILY ■ DPD RI member Fahira Idris revealed that alcoholic drinks have become a serious global problem to get attention. Apart from being one of the triggers for death, both due to diseases caused by alcohol consumption and traffic accidents, alcoholic drinks also trigger various criminal acts.

    "Even the World Health Organization (WHO) routinely issues reports related to the various effects of alcoholic drinks. In each of its recommendations, WHO asks countries in the world to issue stricter policies and rules to control alcoholic beverages," She said.

    The cost of medical treatment for diseases caused by alcohol consumption, said Fahira, is also quite large and has the potential to disrupt the financing of the public health system (a country's health budget).

    "So that many countries, even the most liberal, secular, and have a tradition of drinking alcohol, are aware that they need a special law on alcoholic drinks. Hopefully in 2021 Indonesia will have strict rules regarding alcoholic drinks at the level of a law," said Fahira Idris. Jakarta, yesterday.

    Even though the title is Prohibition, Fahira explained, this bill is actually very accommodating because everything that is concerned is very clear and firmly considered in this bill. It is true that Article 7 of the Bill states that "Everyone is prohibited from consuming class A, class B, class C alcoholic drinks, traditional alcoholic beverages, and mixed or concocted Alcoholic Drinks.

    However, Article 8 also states that all these prohibitions do not apply to limited interests, namely customary interests, religious rituals, tourists, pharmacies, and places permitted by statutory regulations. All of these limited interests will be regulated in more detail in a Government Regulation after this bill becomes law.

    "This means that this bill wants business entities that have been producing and distributing mineral oil to be more responsible for ensuring that the minol they produce and distribute is not purchased by children and teenagers or only by people who have the right and only sold and consumed on the spot. -the place permitted by the laws and regulations which will be stipulated by the Government, "said the Chairman of the National Anti-Alcohol Movement. (rls)