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    Covid-19 Patients Increase, Central Java Most

    Minggu, November 29, 2020, 16:14 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-29T09:14:57Z
    Covid-19 Patients Increase, Central Java Most

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Indonesia recorded the highest increase in Covid-19 cases during the pandemic entering the country since March. On Sunday (29/11), Indonesia added 6,247 new cases in a day. Now a total of 534,266 people have been infected with Covid-19.

    Central Java holds the highest record as a province with the most cases. In a day, Central Java increases 2,036 cases. This amount accounts for a third of the national.

    The other highest positive distribution occurred in DKI Jakarta with 1,431 cases. Then East Java 412 cases, West Sumatra 273 cases, and West Java 228 cases.

    Meanwhile, the number of patients recovering in a day has increased by 3,810 people. Most of the recovered patients occurred in DKI Jakarta, namely 814 people. 445,793 people have recovered from Covid-19.

    Meanwhile, cases of death are still high in a day. Within a day, 169 people died. Most cases of death occurred in 73 people. Now a total of 16,815 people have died due to Covid-19.

    Already 505 city districts have been affected by Covid-19. There are 4 provinces under 10 cases a day. There is no single province that records zero cases in a day. (**)