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    Papuan Indigenous Youth: Celebration of 1 December should not be taken too much

    Minggu, November 29, 2020, 17:39 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-29T10:45:12Z
    Papuan Indigenous Youth: Celebration of 1 December should not be taken too much

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Responding to the news about the 1st December celebration for Papua, the General Chairperson of the Papua Indigenous Youth National Leadership Council (DPN), Jan Christian Arebo, appealed to all people in Papua not to be influenced by calls from groups that contradict the principles of the Republic of Indonesia.

    Jan Arebo also asked the leaders in Papua to help convince the community in an effort to maintain a conducive social security situation.

    "I urge all levels of society, religious leaders, traditional leaders, or NGOs and so on to jointly create a good situation, I also reject the notion that December 1 is independence day for Papua," he told the media in Jayapura, Papua, Saturday (28/11/2020).

    Jan Christian thinks that a peaceful and conducive situation will be more beneficial for community activities.

    "Towards the month of love, let's create a peaceful atmosphere, a good Kamtibmas situation. So that all parties are not harmed and become frightened, those who have an obligation to work, please work, continue to carry out normal activities," he said.

    Jan Christian also said that if the assumption on December 1, it could be taken in moderation.

    According to him, there is nothing monumental in nature, moreover, these actions and opinions are always pushed by anti-government groups.

    "People are active as usual, there is no need to take seriously about December 1, it is just an ordinary day, no different from other days," he said.

    Jan's statement was said to be a form of concern for the Papuan people in general. Because it is known that Jan Arebo does not agree with groups that always have certain interests by creating provocations that affect public opinion.

    He emphasized that if the celebration leading to the December 1 movement was an action that was not important, it was a waste of energy, especially if it would disrupt the security situation in Papua, especially Jayapura City ahead of Christmas. (**)