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    This is the reason Din Syamsuddin did not attend the MUI National Conference

    Sabtu, November 28, 2020, 01:10 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-27T18:10:45Z
    This is the reason Din Syamsuddin did not attend the MUI National Conference

    UMMAT DAILY ■ After the 10th National Conference (Munas), the board of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) was filled with new names. One of the old board members who did not join was Din Syamsuddin.

    There are several reasons why the names of a number of critical figures were not included. One of them was suspected of supporting the 212 action. In this regard, Din Syamsuddin spoke up.

    According to Din, the assumption that he did not enter the MUI management because he was critical or supported the 212 action is a wrong assessment.

    "Such news is false, contains negative insinuation and perceptions. The exclusion of a number of figures into the MUI management is not necessarily because they are critical and supporter of the 212 Movement. If so, it can be perceived that those who enter the MUI stewardship are uncritical or pro-government scholars," said Din, to reporters, Friday, November 27, 2020.

    Din emphasized that his name was not included in the management of MUI because he did not want it. Because Din felt that he had been involved in MUI for too long, for 25 years, namely since 1995. As secretary to the 2015-2020 stewardship as chairman of the Advisory Council.

    "I personally am not involved in the 212 movement. And I did not enter the new management because I was not willing. Before the MUI National Conference, I had conveyed at the last plenary meeting of the MUI Advisory Council on November 18, 2020 that I wanted to stop being active MUI," said Din.

    In this regard, Din also apologized to all MUI Advisory Council members who supported him to continue to lead the MUI Advisory Council.

    Din also explained his reasons for not attending the MUI National Conference and representing the Deputy Chairman of the MUI Advisory Council, Didin Hafiduddin, to give a speech and become a formature.

    "Actually there is a reason, namely I hear and know that there are parties who want to become chairman of the MUI Advisory Council, and MUI administrators. I believe that they want to serve in MUI, so it should be given the opportunity. Let the people judge and Allah SWT the reward," said Din. .

    For a fighter, continued Din, especially an Islamic fighter, struggle and service for the ummah and nation are not limited to being carried out only in a circle of organizations such as MUI. But it can be done in various circles of activity.

    "So not being included in the management of an organization should not be considered as a big problem, as well as being included in the management is nothing special," he said. (**)