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    A Number of Tribes in Papua Firmly Reject OPM

    Kamis, November 26, 2020, 00:32 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-25T17:32:46Z
    A Number of Tribes in Papua Firmly Reject OPM

    Daily Ummat ■ Chief of Dani Tribe, Puncak Ilaga Regency, Papua, Jembatan Murib, asked the people to stick to the sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    "I, as the Chief of the Dani Tribe of Puncak Ilaga Regency, ask the community to stick to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia," he said in a meeting with traditional leaders and other communities, on Tuesday (24/11/2020).

    The Murib Bridge states that the government is God's representative on this earth. As a society, it must obey the government.

    "Apart from that, the government has also paid special attention to us Papuans from development to many Papuan children who have become government officials, both in Papua and outside Papua," he explained.

    On that occasion, Jembatan Murib also thanked the security forces, namely the TNI-Polri, who have provided a sense of security to the people in Puncak Regency. So that people's daily activities can run safely and peacefully.

    However, it cannot be denied that Jembatan Murib, including several other tribal leaders, deeply regrets the recent murder of several members of the community. "The murder was inseparable from the presence of an armed group that had just arrived from Tembagapura," he said.

    The chieftains, who for their safety refused to be named, stated almost the same thing.

    "Now the Alom-Magai clan of the Damal tribe has rejected the presence of OPM in Puncak Regency. We are traumatized after the 2010-2011 tribal war which resulted in the Damal Tribe being shot by the OPM, so we Damal Tribe reject the OPM's presence in Ilaga, "he said.

    Even a community member who did not want to be identified stated that their life was full of OPM threats.

    "Every day we are forced to support their activities. They don't hesitate to kill us if their wishes are refused, ”he said.

    This community statement is based on reality, because in the last few days there were five people died by unknown people (OTK).

    Although various opinions have emerged, it cannot be denied that this incident was inseparable from the preparation for the commemoration of December 1 as OPM's birthday.

    Whereas within the OPM itself there are divisions, which are caused by competition and struggle for power and leadership between the OPM group that is already in the Ilaga area and the OPM group that has just arrived from outside the region.

    It is no longer a secret for the people around Ilaga, that the two parties have been fighting for a long time because of differences in understanding. Ironically, both parties did not care that these differences and disputes had to result in casualties on the part of society. (pen / red)