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    TNI Task Force Save Two Congolese From Robbery

    Kamis, November 26, 2020, 11:52 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-26T04:52:36Z
    TNI Task Force Save Two Congolese From Robbery

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Kostrad personnel 503 Battalion Raiders who are members of the Garuda Contingent Task Force (Konga) XXXIX-B Rapid Deploable Battalion (RDB) Mission de Organization des Nations Unies pour La Stabilization en République Task Force (MONUSCO) save two civilians from robbery and sexual harassment by TWA fighters in Kampunda Village, Tanganyika Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, recently.

    Commander of the XXXIX-B / RDB MONUSCO (Dansatgas) Task Force Colonel Inf Daniel Lumban Raja said the rescue of the two civilians was one of the main tasks mandated by the United Nations to the Konga XXXIX-B RDB / MONUSCO TNI Task. Force, namely Civil Protection in the mission area.

    Then Dansatgas forward this message to Wadansatgas Major Inf Hadrianus Yossy to explore and follow up on the report.

    Furthermore Wadansatgas TNI Konga XXXIX-B / RDB MONUSCO said, in the past month there has been an increase in criminal acts in main access (N5) Kalemie to Bendera. This is due to the poverty level of the population, so they are looking for shortcuts to meet their daily needs.

    Worse, there was a rotation of the Republic of the Congo Army (FARDC), most of which moved to the northern sector of Minimbwe. So that several security posts along the area were empty and became an opening for AG rebels and local bandits to carry out their actions freely.

    Responding to the increased vulnerability, Deputy Task Force Konga XXXIX-B / RDB MONUSCO TNI immediately ordered the Commander of Combat Operation Base (COB) Major Inf Ismail Taruna Vijaya to immediately take precautions by increasing the intensity of patrols in the area.

    Next, COB Bendera sent a data search team and a patrol team. The data search team led by Captain Inf Dalimunte was tasked with mapping the hot spots of crime by recruiting several local residents as focal points. Meanwhile, the patrol team is tasked with conducting long-distance patrols (LRP) and dealing with crimes that are likely to occur along these critical points.

    During the LRP assignment, the team received reports from the community regarding the crime of robbery of a man's motorbike and money and sexual harassment of a woman by 10 TWA combatants armed with arrows and machetes near the village of Kampunda. .

    The two victims were arrested and tied up. The LRP Patrol Team, which happened to be at the closest point of the incident, immediately moved quickly to the scene and carried out the rescue task properly and safely.

    The local community expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the quick actions taken by Konga XXXIX-B / RDB Monusco in providing protection and a sense of security to the people of Congo. (Pen /red).