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    Tips for Success for MSMEs in the Middle of a Pandemic

    Kamis, November 26, 2020, 11:13 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-26T04:31:44Z
    Tips for Success for MSMEs in the Middle of a Pandemic

    DAILY UMMAT ■ MSME players can take advantage of the proven culinary and agricultural sectors, even though the pandemic is still alive, even growing rapidly. This cannot be separated from the lifestyle of people in the midst of a virus outbreak that tends to shop for food online.

    This was said by the Chairman of the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of West Java (Jabar) Province Atalia Praratya Ridwan Kamil when giving success tips for MSMEs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic during the "Increasing Motivation of MSMEs DWP BPTD Wil IX Jabar" at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Bandung , yesterday.

    According to Atalia, in any condition, people need food so that the culinary industry will never die.

    "Food is a primary need that will take precedence over other needs," she said.

    Besides culinary, Atalia said, agriculture also has bright prospects. The pandemic has created a new culture in the community, namely urban farming, where people now prefer to produce their own food at home without leaving the house and spending money.

    In the health sector, according to him, it is worth trying out for UMKM players. The plague seems to have brought back awareness of the importance of maintaining health. Modern and traditional health products such as herbs, herbs and spices will be the next trend.

    Atalia argues that MSMEs can be more developed if, for example, they are good at using the internet and digital technology in promotion, marketing and sales.

    She provided the key to entrepreneurial success during a pandemic. According to him, the key to successful MSMEs is to have self-confidence, expand market networks, be creative, innovative, open to information, think positively, be patient, and be patient.

    "As well as strong will and ready to take risks," added Atalia.

    Besides that, it is no less important, according to Atalia, MSME players must also be observant in determining the products to sell.

    "Is it needed to be liked and known to the public," she said.

    The West Java Cooperatives and Small Business Office noted that currently as many as 58,263 MSMEs throughout West Java were affected by COVID-19. The highest is in Tasikmalaya Regency, followed by Ciamis Regency.

    The MSMEs affected in these two areas are mostly engaged in the handicraft sector. In the midst of an economic recession, people's purchasing power falls and tends to save and spend money on basic things.

    "Because they prioritize more on handicraft products that are not primary needs," said Atalia.

    Atalia said the Regional Government of West Java Province had many economic stimulus tools that could be accessed by MSMEs, including OPOP, Champion UMKM, Mesra Credit, and especially for women MSMEs, which could access Sekoper Cinta. (R-01 / Hms)