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    Rocky Gerung invites Medan city millennials to prevent oligarchy

    Kamis, November 26, 2020, 14:38 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-26T07:38:30Z
    Rocky Gerung invites Medan city millennials to prevent oligarchy

    UMMAT DAILY ■ The people of Medan, especially millennials, are asked to think critically about the fate of the nation and participate in political struggles to prevent the growth of oligarchs and dynasties of power.

    Political observer Rocky Gerung said this at Rooster Koffie, Jalan Laksana, Medan Sunggal, on Wednesday night (25/11).

    In this event, hundreds of young people were seen enthusiastically participating in the event.

    "I am in Medan to block the oligarchy, to prevent the growth of nepotism, to prevent the growth of dynasties, because power must be open, so power must not be intervened by the Palace," said Rocky, in a distinctive style.

    He said that the city of Medan as well as the city of Solo is currently the "political capital", because the Medan Pilkada is at stake in national politics.

    "Justice must grow faster than corruption, that's actually why we want Medan to produce 5.0 sensitivity to justice," he said.

    He added, every day in Jakarta there is news about the arrest of corruptors, this morning the minister from Gerindra was arrested by the KPK, whereas in the past, we hoped that Gerindra would promote justice, now it is a problem there, "he said.

    Therefore, continued Rocky, clean politics can now only be trusted by millennials who think critically.

    "So politics can only be clean if it is entrusted with the ideas of the younger generation, power considers that if youths think critically it means interference with power," concluded Rocky. (**)