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    DPD RI Discusses Geopolitical Development of South Asia at Syiah Kuala University

    Kamis, November 26, 2020, 18:33 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-26T11:33:19Z

    DPD RI Discusses Geopolitical Development of South Asia at Syiah Kuala University

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Syiah Kuala University held a Group Discussion Forum (FGD) with the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI), on Wednesday (25/11). 

    Discussion Forums were held online and face-to-face in Banda Aceh via teleconference.

    Visible in attendance was Deputy I Chairman of the DPD RI Dr. Nono Sampono, Chairman of Committee I DPD RI H. Fachrul Razi, Deputy Committee III DPD RI Fadhil Rami, .Lc. Assistant Deputy for Marine and Coastal Space Management Deputy for Maritime Resources Coordination Dr. Muh Rasman Manafi, First Admiral of TNI Bakamla Hadi Pranoto S.Sos, .M.Si, Deputy for Political, Legal, Defense and Security Affairs, Ministry of PPN / Bappenas Slamet Soedarsono.

    The discussion began with an interesting presentation related to the geopolitics of the development of the South Asia region by the Deputy Chairperson of the DPD RI, Nono Sampono.

    Dr. Nono Sampono said, Indonesia is the world's maritime axis with 3 strategic transition eras including. First, Global Strategic Transformation. Second, Free Trade Transformation. Third, the future of East Asia, especially the development of the One Belt One Road, was initiated by the new world economic power, China.

    Dr. Nono Sampono said Indonesia's strategic role in the Asia Pacific region includes ensuring the security and smooth flow of shipping in Indonesian waters. Second, conducting Maritime Diplomacy by prioritizing mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation for the common interest in the region and Third, for this, Indonesia needs to strengthen its bargaining position by building Military Strength (Economy and Military).

    Apart from being the World Maritime Axis, Chairman of Committee I Fachrul Razi who is also Senator of Electoral District from Aceh also touched on the readiness of Infrastructure and Human Resources in Serambi Mecca Province which must be ready for Geopolitical Development and Transnational Geostrategy with countries in the ASEAN region.

    Senator Fachrul Razi said, a region will have high competitiveness if the economic process in that area does not incur higher costs and should or does not incur higher costs than other regions.

    "Good regional competitiveness will be seen in the amount of PMA and PMDN investment that enters the region, especially in the non-primary sector, the quality of human resources, and the quality of commodities produced by the region and their selling prices," he explained.

    Aceh, he said, apart from having a strategic maritime space with the existence of the South China Sea and the Malacca Strait, is also close to the composition of the country with varying political and economic conditions.

    "Peace and stability within the ASEAN region are important for the stability of the Indo - Pacific," said Senator Frazi.

    Although not located in Southeast Asia, India has geopolitical aspirations to an area very close to Aceh. "We have to prepare quality infrastructure and human resources from now on," he added.

    "The autonomy fund (Otsus) is needed in order to accelerate development and increase the economy of the people in this area to increase," concluded the senator. (R-01)