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    Empowered with Jigang Coffee

    Sabtu, November 21, 2020, 03:40 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-21T00:53:05Z
    Empowered with Jigang Coffee

    Daily Ummat ■ Teenagers must have optimism. Many things can be done in productive age. Because, there are two golden opportunities that are just as good, namely free time and excellent energy. That was what was in the mind of a young man from Mejobo Kudus, named Alfi Afriyanti.

    Ali is one of the young men who can be used as inspiration in starting something he wants to do. How could he not, wanting to start a coffee business, Ali had to give up his favorite motorcycle to be sold as initial capital to do business. If it wasn't a fighter mentality, of course that step would never have been done. However, not for Ali, the unanimous decision to start a business must be realized immediately.

    "Slowly but surely the coffee with the Jigang Coffee brand is starting to show progress, orders from various regions, the farthest reaching Batam and Makassar," said Ali.

    Seeing Ali's stretching and burning enthusiasm, BMH provided additional capital assistance to raise Jigang Coffee so that production would increase.

    "Alhamdulillah, we will submit additional venture capital for jigang coffee today to Ali, we hope that in the near future this collaboration will be able to present a cafe that is representative for jigang coffee connoisseurs. Also, as a means to market more, it can also be a place of friendship for coffee lovers. Please coordinate BMH Representatives for Central Java, Gerai Kudus Eko Kusniyanto, on Friday (20/11/20).

    "I am even more excited about getting additional motivation and capital injection from BMH. I hope this collaboration can bring many benefits, it can open up jobs for my friends who are in need of jobs. Gelora Ali is full of optimism.

    As the youngest of four children, Ali is well known in his environment as an active teenager. Many activities and skills are carried out at his home, including making handicrafts from wood such as tables, chairs, racks, as well as raising ornamental fish and native chickens.

    "We pray together, that the cafe and the expansion of Jigang Coffee's business will be able to provide more benefits, as Ali aspires to be able to foster street children, orphans and lower economic class people to get up and achieve a better future," he concluded. General Manager of BMH Representative of Central Java, Moh. Misdawi Syarif is full of enthusiasm in developing UMKM for state children to compete in their own country. (red)