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    Despite the pandemic, the turnover of Boon Pring tourism is approaching Rp. 2 billion

    Minggu, November 22, 2020, 09:19 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-22T02:19:35Z
    Despite the pandemic, the turnover of Boon Pring tourism is approaching Rp. 2 billion

    His name is Boon Pring. It could be, it stands for Kebun Bambu. The place offers water tourism with lush bamboo trees around it. Tourism that has provided many benefits for local residents.

    Daily Ummat ■  A fresh breeze comes from the lush bamboo trees on the Boon Pring ecotourism. The tour, which offers panoramic views of nature and water, has an area of ​​about 36.8 hectares. The destination is located in Sanankerto Village, Turen District, Malang Regency.

    The concept is very simple. Tourists are invited to enjoy this beauty by one of them boating. The existence of tourism is very influential for the life of the people in Sanankerto Village. Starting from being an employee in the tourist area to traders along the destination road.

    Director of BUMDes Kerto Raharjo Syamsul Arifin explained that money management for BoonPring was organized from the start. He tried to strengthen the accounting system.

    "I know that in the future Boon Pring will be big. So, we managed the money as well as possible, "he explained.

    In terms of accountability, Syamsul said, once every three months there is control from the internal supervisor consisting of village officials. After six months, then the financial management is officially reported to the commissioner.

    In addition, he explained the turnover he had for three years. In 2017, Boon Pring's turnover was Rp. 994 million (10 months). In 2018, the turnover obtained was IDR 2.8 billion (1 year) and in 2019 the turnover obtained was IDR 4.3 billion (1 year).

    "In 2017, the PAD we gave was around Rp. 80 million. In 2018 we gave Rp. 437 million and Rp. 615 million in 2019, "he explained.

    During the pandemic, the tourism sector across the region took a hit, including BoonPring. Syamsul said, Boon Pring began to close in early March. Then, at the end of June his party just reopened the tour.

    "In 2020, despite the pandemic, our turnover will be closer to Rp 2 billion. Starting from the end of June to early September, "he said. (**)