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    Billboards were removed, hashtag #RakyatPercayaHRS became a trending topic

    Sabtu, November 21, 2020, 22:26 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-21T15:26:34Z
    Billboards were removed, hashtag #RakyatPercayaHRS became a trending topic

    Daily Ummat ■ The name of the FPI High Priest, Habib Rizieq, is currently getting fresh air with the support of netizens. This is evidenced by the appearance of the hashtag #RakyatPercayaHRS.

    On Saturday 21 November, the hashtag was trending number one on Twitter. Several accounts were seen tweeting in support of Habib Rizieq.

    Not only was the support for Habib Rizieq tweeted, several accounts also criticized the TNI apparatus' attitude which was considered a show of force when TNI troops passed through the Petamburan area complete with armored vehicles some time ago.

    Pangdam Jaya said that the troops were on their way back to their headquarters and just happened to cross Jalan Petamburan.

    The account with the name @zeero_count thinks the sight seen is in Gaza, Palestine.

    Who is HRS?

    Same HRS Photos On Social Media Fear

    You are also afraid of HRS billboards

    What's wrong with Indonesia?

    This is in Slipi, Jakarta, Indonesia, in order to send down billboards, I think this is on the Gazza Line ???????? # CrisisOfJustic pic.twitter.com/tbT39piEEo - Count Zero (@zeero_count) November 20 , 2020

    The @Ferry Irwanto account also appears to provide support for what Habib Rizieq has done. He wrote that he trusted the FPI Grand Priest.

    I belive him ... I stand with him ... #RakyatPercayaHRS (@ FerryIrwanto4) November 21, 2020

    As previously known, Pangdam Jaya Maj. Gen. TNI Dudung Abdurachman previously gave a statement that he had instructed his members to remove the billboard bearing the image of Habib Rizieq.

    Apparently these instructions have made some people angry to see it. Not a few also demanded that the Pangdam Jaya be removed from his position, because he was deemed to have violated his duties as a TNI.

    Assertive ! The PETA Commander asked the Pangdam Jaya to be removed because of the wrong use of his position. #RakyatPercayaHRS #RakyatPercayaHRS pic.twitter.com/OFeR6Kl1yQ— AL Fatih8132 (@ fatih8132) November 20, 2020

    In the @ fatig8132 upload, he supports the Pangdam Jaya being removed from his position due to abuse of office