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    Munarman: FPI is not interested in becoming a political party

    Selasa, Desember 01, 2020, 05:59 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-30T22:59:04Z
    Munarman: FPI is not interested in becoming a political party

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Even though it has the potential to become a major political party, because it has a large mass base, it does not make the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) want to turn into a political party.

    FPI General Secretary Munarman was also personally offered to become a legislative member, but he refused the offer.

    "There are different cultures. In every election since 2009 I was offered to become a legislative candidate, but this was never taken. So in terms of personalization, I don't feel ready to be involved in the political world in parties, ”Munarman was quoted as saying in Akbar Faizal's YouTube account, Tuesday. (1/12)

    Munarman has the view that joining a political party will shake his idealism as a Muslim leader in Indonesia in fighting for the aspirations of the people.

    "In a sense, the temptation is bigger than the politics I am doing now. That's what I'm afraid of, because I don't have high faith. Instead of slipping, it's better not to choose that, "he said.

    Likewise, FPI does not want to fall into politics in the Indonesian legislature. FPI decided to become a mass organization and not to become a political party.

    "Therefore, FPI did not choose it (to become a political party), FPI is protecting itself so that it does not slip," he said. (**)