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    Habib Rizieq is proposed to be a peacemaker for Papua

    Jumat, Desember 04, 2020, 19:19 WIB Last Updated 2020-12-04T12:19:59Z
    Habib Rizieq is proposed to be a peacemaker for Papua

    HarianUmmat.com ■ The leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS), was proposed to be a peacemaker in Papua, which currently wants to be separated from the Republic of Indonesia.

    The suggestion was submitted by Ancol Commissioner Geisz Chalifah. According to him, Habib Rizieq had experience in the Aceh conflict.

    He said that Habib Rizieq at that time led the allegiance or took the pledge of allegiance to the Acehnese people to the Republic of Indonesia.

    “HRS implies that tens of thousands of Acehnese are never separated from NKRI. The oath was carried out in an open field and everyone present followed HRS's loyalty. I have never seen a person as strong as his ability to bring a volatile society to the Republic of Indonesia, ”Geisz was quoted as saying on his Twitter, Thursday (3/12).

    According to Geisz in the context of Papua, Habib Rizieq is also believed to be able to open up spaces for dialogue with the people there. This is because Habib Rizieq is widely known, even in Papua.

    In the context of Papua, HRS is used to dialogue with many parties, even those with different beliefs. His position which is always out of power is very likely to be more accepted by the Papuan people, because Papuan leaders also know. HRS, behind their cleverness on the HRS podium is the person, ”said Geisz.

    He considered that HRS was a person who had broad thoughts. He is able to see a whole other person's point of view.

    "He can bridge various interests fairly. Apart from Aceh, HRS has also reconciled several NU kiai with Gus Dur, "said Geisz.

    It is possible that the current government is different from HRS and of course the differences do not have to be united, but in the matter of the Republic of Indonesia there is no difference between the two. The central government can take advantage of HRS. charisma becomes a bridge for the people of Papua, "concluded Geisz.

    Previously, the author of the book Mariska Lubis also had the same suggestion. She considered that HRS could bridge peace in Papua.

    “Personally, I respectfully ask His Excellency Habibana, Habib Rizieq Shihab to be a peacemaker for Papua. According to Islamic teachings, rukun is a noble act and I believe it can, "she said.