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    Bitten by a snake, a 7 year old child is helped by TNI soldier

    Senin, Desember 07, 2020, 13:48 WIB Last Updated 2020-12-07T06:48:56Z
    Bitten by a snake, a 7 year old child is helped by TNI soldier

    HarianUmmat.com ■ Concerned about the suffering and hardships of the residents, the RI-PNG Task Force Infantry Battalion 125 / Simbisa gave first aid to Virginia Ndiken (7 years old), a resident of Yanggandur Village, Sota District, who was bitten by a snake.

    Dansatgas Pamtas Infantry Battalion 125 / Simbisa, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Anjuanda Pardosi, said that the fateful incident experienced by Virginia Ndiken occurred on Sunday (6/12/2020), when she was playing behind the house and suddenly a snake bit her left leg.

    "Suddenly Virginia screamed and screamed in pain, so her mother spontaneously ran over to her," he said.

    Furthermore, he said, knowing that his daughter was bitten by a snake and continued to grimace in pain, Oviana Mayua (32 years) immediately took Virginia to the Yanggandur Task Force 125 / Simbisa Post to ask for help.

    "Arriving at the Task Force Post, Danpos Yanggandur Lt. Inf Agustoni Siboro ordered the health team to provide assistance to Virginia, then Pratu Alpindo and Pratu Surya Adhitya swiftly took medical action," he said.

    After carrying out the treatment and infusion, Lieutenant Inf Agustoni then ordered Serda Jeremy Sinaga and three members to help evacuate Virginia to the Sota Community Health Center for further treatment.

    It was also explained that the 125 / Simbisa Battalion Task Force which is under the Operations Operations Command (Kolakops) of Korem 174 / ATW always tries to help overcome the difficulties experienced by border communities.

    "We hope, hopefully Virginia's condition can improve soon," said Dansatgas.

    Meanwhile, Oviana Mayua thanked the 125 / Simbisa Battalion Task Force, especially the Yanggandur Post for providing assistance and helping to evacuate her daughter.

    "Thank you, Mr. TNI, for all your help. May God always protect all of you, "she said.