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    US Researchers Call When The Corona Virus Screams More Spread in the Room

    Selasa, November 24, 2020, 13:45 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-24T06:45:42Z
    US Researchers Call When The Corona Virus Screams More Spread in the Room

    Daily Ummat ■ When indoors, in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to always wear a mask and obey to maintain your distance. Moreover, Covid-19 droplets can be transmitted indoors through aerosols, as also revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    During the 73rd annual meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics, scientists presented a series of studies examining the aerodynamics of infectious diseases. The findings of their study reveal strategies to reduce the risk of airborne transmission in confined spaces.

    At the start of the pandemic, the Covid-19 droplets were said to be the largest and most rapidly produced through coughing and sneezing. However, it turned out that the screaming spread was much faster.

    Previous reports said that, for example, of 61 singers in Washington state, 53 were infected after two and a half hours of choral practice in March. In addition, of the 67 passengers who were stated on the bus with individuals infected with COVID-19 in China's Zhejiang Province for two hours, 24 tested positive thereafter.

    According to a chemical engineer at the University of California, Davis, William Ristenpart, he found that people who speak or sing aloud, produce very large numbers of micron-sized particles instead of using normal voices.

    The researchers explained that the particles produced by screaming greatly outnumbered those produced when coughing.

    Other US researchers from the University of Colorado, Abhishek Kumar, Jean Hertzberg, Boulder, they focus on how Covid-19 can spread during musical performances. Together, they discussed the results of a trial designed to measure aerosol emissions from instrumentalists.

    Researchers say the good news is that the spread of the virus can be controlled by wearing a mask. This can be seen when a surgical mask is placed on the clarinet or trumpet, it can reduce the amount of aerosol.

    Safety Guidelines

    Mathematicians Martin Bazant and John Bush or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggest the latest safety guidelines in various indoor environments. Their guideline relies on a matrix known as cumulative exposure time. Then indoor transmission is determined by the number of individuals in a room and the length of time of exposure.

    Maximum depends on the size and speed of the ventilation in the room, the face covering of the people in it, the level of infection of the aerosol particles, and other factors. So the conclusion, apart from wearing a mask, it is important to keep your distance and limit the people in the room to limit the circulation of air flow in the room. (**)