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    MUI will hold a National Conference tomorrow. This will be discussed

    Selasa, November 24, 2020, 08:46 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-24T01:46:36Z
    MUI will hold a National Conference tomorrow. This will be discussed

    Daily Ummat ■ The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) will hold a national meeting. This activity will be held for three days, from 25-27 November 2020 in Jakarta.
    "The National Conference will also elect the general chairman of the MUI to replace Mr. KH. Ma'ruf Amin, who is currently the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, ”said MUI Deputy Chairman, Zainut Tauhid Saadi, in Jakarta, Monday (23/11).

    He hoped that the elected general chairman of the MUI would later be held by an ulama who had the following criteria; have the depth of religious knowledge (mutafaqqih fiddin), can maintain muru'ah or self-esteem (mutawarri '), have the ability to move organizations (Muharrik), are orderly in leading organizations (munadzdzim), are aspirational and accepted by all groups and can work together with all party.

    Therefore, in the future MUI will continue to strengthen its role and function in carrying out the duties of amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar or inviting to the path of goodness (ma'ruf) and preventing things that are prohibited by religion (munkar).

    "People often understand this noble task wrongly, as if inviting goodness in a gentle way, whereas preventing evil must be done in a harsh and harsh way," he said.

    He said that such understanding was wrong and not justified according to religion. Both amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar, he stressed, must be carried out in a manner that is good, polite, has noble character and does not violate laws and moral norms.

    "In the name of preventing munkar (nahi munkar) with harsh words, spreading hate speech, hoaxes, slander, backbiting, namimah and terror or making other parties fear," he said.

    In the Koran, Muslims are instructed to invite or preach with wisdom (bilhikmah), a good example (mau'idhotil hasanah) and have a good discussion (wajadilhum billati hiya ahsan).

    "So amar ma'ruf nahi munkar must be done in ways that are good (good) not in ways that are wrong (prohibited by religion)," he said.

    For this, it is hoped that the 10th National Conference of MUI can formulate a dakwah ethics guide that can be used as a guide for preachers, preachers, and community leaders in carrying out noble duties.

    There is something different about the holding of the National Conference this time, which was held at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was still not sloping. For this, the technicality of the operation is carried out in a blanded system, namely on line and off line.

    It is also carried out by implementing strict health protocols, for example all off-line participants must be tested for swabs, use a mask, each participant is prepared with 1 mic, and the court is 1-1.5 meters away.

    "The National Conference will discuss recommendations and fatwas, among others; related to human diploid cells in vaccines, the use of masks during hajj and umrah pilgrimages, hajj registration through debt and financing, and haj registration at an early age, "he said.