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    JK: The Habib Rizieq problem is an indicator of democracy that must be corrected

    Sabtu, November 21, 2020, 11:48 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-21T04:48:29Z
    JK: The Habib Rizieq problem is an indicator of democracy that must be corrected

    Daily Ummat ■ Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) said that the chaos of the Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS) problem in the country was due to a leadership vacuum that could absorb aspirations.

    "Why is the Habib Rizieq problem so great that the police, the TNI intervened, like we are facing something shocking," said JK during a national webinar held by PKS, on Friday (20/11/2020) night.

    "Why did that happen? In my opinion, because there is a vacuum in the leader. Leadership that can absorb the aspirations of the community at large," continued JK.

    According to JK, the Habib Rizieq problem is an indicator that the process of the democratic system running in Indonesia must be corrected.

    "Why hundreds of thousands of people, why doesn't he trust the DPR to speak up? Why is it not trusted by the parties, especially the Islamic party to represent the community, why do the people choose Habib Rizieq to voice those who have aspirations," said JK.

    These questions, said JK, should be used as evaluation materials for all stakeholders, especially PKS and other Islamic parties.

    "There is a vacuum in a system, or a democratic way, especially in Islamic ideology, which Habib Rizieq then filled," said JK.
    If these problems cannot be resolved, said JK, new problems will arise in the future and the people can take back their rights that have been given to people's representatives.

    "Do not let us return to street democracy again, this can return if the elected representatives do not pay attention to aspirations like that," said JK.