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    Denpasar started to rain, 45 cubic meters of garbage were being transported

    Minggu, November 29, 2020, 05:14 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-28T22:14:21Z
    Denpasar started to rain, 45 cubic meters of garbage were being transported

    UMMAT DAILY ■ Rain with high intensity flushed almost all areas of Denpasar City on Saturday (28/11). The high intensity rain resulted in the surface water discharge not being fully accommodated in drains and rivers.

    In order to anticipate unmanageable puddles, Denpasar City DPUPR and the Prokasih Blue Troops immediately moved quickly to clean up the clogged drain caused by garbage. So, after the rain subsided, all points were back to normal and handled by officers from the Public Works and Spatial Planning Agency (DPUPR) and the Denpasar City BPBD.

    There are several inundation points such as on Jalan Tukad Yeh Aya IX, Jalan Kaliasem, Jalan Nagasari Penatih, Jalan A Yani, and Jalan Plawa. Where, the average puddle is caused by clogged drainage channels due to garbage carried by water currents.

    From the data collected, there are approximately 45 cubic meters of waste carried by the rainwater.

    The Head of the PUPR Denpasar City Office, Nyoman Ngurah Jimmy Sidarta explained that high-intensity rainfall has flushed throughout the city of Denpasar in recent days.

    Of course, this condition cannot be denied that it has caused an increase in water discharge in the drainage and rivers in Denpasar City. Therefore, the Denpasar City PUPR Service, which deployed approximately 265 officers together with the Joint Team consisting of the Denpasar City BPBD and DLHK, immediately carried out attention and continuously mobilized to 4 sub-districts in Denpasar City.

    "As soon as there is a report, we immediately pay attention and send the whole team together with the Joint Team so that activities can return to normal as quickly as possible, and now it has been successfully handled, and all activities are back to normal," he explained. (Md / BK)