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    Mobilizing Strength to Prevent Covid - 19

    Sabtu, Agustus 08, 2020, 04:31 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-18T04:55:24Z
    Mobilizing Strength to Prevent Covid - 19

    HARIAN UMMAT ■ The Corona virus outbreak is a fact. More and more patients contracting Covid-19 are exposed to numbers every day.

    Even so, the low level of public discipline in adhering to health protocols seems symptomatic.

    At the start of the pandemic, last March, people were very strict about implementing health protocols. Personal health protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers are contested.

    Now, masks are sufficient on the market with a variety of stylish creations. Just choose masks according to taste, but the current taste for wearing them is starting to decline.

    Increased economic activity, offices and community activities are not followed by increased compliance with health protocols.

    If previously Covid-19 control activities were not in line with efforts to recover the economy, now, it can be said that the increase in activity is not in line with compliance with health protocols.

    Why? The answer was that he was accustomed to being without a mask in a pandemic situation, feeling immune, not being infected, the surrounding environment was sterile, entering the green zone.

    With the opening of social activities according to the policies of each regional government / municipal government, it raises an assumption that the situation is not as bad as before. The spread of Covid-19 can be neutralized and localized.

    This assumption is positive, as a form of belief that our country is capable of handling Covid -19.

    Unfortunately, this belief by some people is not accompanied by efforts to maintain themselves to comply with health protocols in the environment anywhere and at any time.

    Spread clusters have recently emerged, including in offices. The data confirms the spread of the virus is still happening. The last figure yesterday was 121,226 affected by the Corona virus.

    If such conditions are allowed, the situation will get out of hand.

    That is why President Jokowi issued Presidential Instruction (Inpres) Number 6 of 2020 concerning Increasing Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols in Prevention and Control of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19).

    The essence of the Inpres is an effort to mobilize all the potential and strength of the country to improve national discipline related to public compliance with health protocols. Of course, this is followed by clear and firm sanctions against offenders.

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