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    GMKI clarifies, denies supporting Papuan independence

    Senin, Desember 07, 2020, 07:57 WIB Last Updated 2020-12-07T00:57:16Z
    GMKI clarifies, denies supporting Papuan independence

    HarianUmmat.com ■ The Executive Board of the Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI) clarified the viral video clip of the GMKI congress about support for the Free Papua movement.

    General Chairman of PP GMKI elected Jefri Gultom said that his party was considering reporting parties who had cut off the full video of the discussion of the special Papua pantia.

    "We are here to clarify the video that is currently viral about the results or decisions at the 37th Congress of GMKI in Manokwari about GMKI supporting Free Papua. We firmly declare that it is not true or it is a hoax," he said, on Sunday night (6 / 12).

    Jefri said, at the congress in Manokwari a few days ago there were discussions when discussing the Special Committee on the issue of Papua.

    Jefri explained, the statement of Papua's independence in the whole congress was about independence from being left behind and poverty.

    "It is a joint commitment of GMKI which must be a note for the state, that the state must come together to see down to the grassroots about the real conditions in Papua," Jefri said.

    Jefri appealed to all Indonesian people not to believe in hoax video information that cornered GMKI as if it agreed to Papua's independence.

    "The Indonesian people are currently getting incomplete, unbalanced, and incorrect information regarding the discussion of Papua issues in the GMKI Congress," said Jefri.