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    The XIII Cianjur Branch HMI Conference, Selected Edwin Nursalam

    Senin, November 30, 2020, 10:07 WIB Last Updated 2020-11-30T03:07:51Z
    The XIII Cianjur Branch HMI Conference, Selected Edwin Nursalam

    UMMAT DAILY ■ The XIII Branch Conference (Konfercab) of the Islamic Student Association (HMI) of Cianjur Regency, finally took place at the KNPI Cianjur Building, on Saturday (28/11/2020) yesterday.

    The results of the Cianjur conference decision decided that Edwin Nursalam was elected as the Formatur / Chairperson of the Cianjur branch of the HMI for the period 2020-2021.

    The elected head of the HMI Cianjur Branch, Edwin Nursalam, said that in the future he wanted to bring the HMI organization more advanced in accordance with the vision and mission, HMI was sustainable, side by side, synergized, and collaborated.

    The XIII Cianjur Branch HMI Conference, Selected Edwin Nursalam

    According to him, with this vision and mission he will bring the Cianjur branch of HMI to be more progressive in regeneration.

    "It is hoped that HMI can produce quality cadres of Human Cita, so that it answers the challenges of the times for Indonesia in the future," he told reporters.

    He explained that with lofty aspirations, he intends to devote himself while serving as Chairman of the Cianjur Branch of HMI.

    Meanwhile, the Acting Regent of Cianjur, Dudi Sudrajat, asked that in the future the new Cianjur branch of the HMI formature be at the forefront of implementing programs of enlightenment and intellectual development.

    "Either that is efficient with the demands of the times," he said.

    Dudi hopes that HMI Cianjur can be trusted to be a place of innovation to give birth to a leap for the advancement of HMI Cianjur. This is in order to improve the quality of reliable human resources (HR) that will improve Cianjur's HDI.

    "I really hope Edwin's leadership will be even better. HMI Cianjur Branch in the future must be able to present the best cadres, capable in the area of ​​ideas and actions," said Presidium Kahmi Lukman Hakim.

    Meanwhile, at the end of the term of office of the Chairperson of HMI Cianjur for the 2019-2020 period, D. Muhamad Zaki said that when the new HMI formation was chosen, it was hoped that the direction of cadre would be maximized.

     "Continue to take part in the HMI organization and continue to instill Islamic values ​​and move with the rules of our constitution," he said.

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